Mandie Ebarb is a ceramic artist from Shreveport, Louisiana, and received her BFA from Louisiana Tech University in 3D studio art with a concentration in ceramics. Ebarb currently works as the Gallery Manager at the Agora Borealis and teaches pottery for the Noel Community Arts Program. Ebarb's current body of work uses altered slip cast porcelain vessels as a way of exploring ideas of transformation and imperfection.

"Nothing is more hallowing than the union of kindred spirits in art. At the moment of meeting, the art lover transcends himself. At once he is and he is not. He catches a glimpse of Infinity, but words cannot voice his delight, for the eye has no tongue. Freed from the fetters of matter, his spirit moves in the rhythm of things. It is thus that art becomes akin to religion and ennobles mankind. It is this which makes a masterpiece something sacred."

 -Okakura Kakuzo, The Book of Tea